Moüsseworks / Ice Cream Logo Design

A Potent Brand Strategy for the Super Competitive Frozen Desserts Aisle

BE YOU. BE CLEAR. BE MEMORABLE. / The dessert aisle is filled with plethora of options these days. So, when a pair of ambitious folks with a popular, local frozen mousse treat came to us in search of a complete brand strategy to help land them on shelves nationwide, we bit. Plus, we love artisan crafted desserts. Who doesn't? Moto folks gave them a name like no other. And their fun, vibrant frozen dessert packaging design stands out, with a unique brand design unlike any other in the grocery or frozen dessert market. That and their new consumer packaged goods mascot will help them be loved by millions.

"Dru and Leslee have been awesome to work with! They helped us to re-brand our company from top to bottom including our website, packaging design, logos, our name, the works! I would recommend Moto Interactive + Branding to anyone that is looking to redesign their business or starting a new business!"
—Craig Funk, Moüsseworks

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Mango Blåbär / Childrens Food Brand Design

Consumer Packaged Goods for a Worldwide Food Audience

SIMPLE FOODS + BOLD, KID-FOCUSED ENERGY / Moto was chosen by some like minded folks in Sweden to help them develop a new brand for their natural foods company. And since everyone knows that kids won't get as excited about real fruit as they will about cartoon fruit, we had our approach. Mango Blåbär needed to be a playful, bold brand to capture kids eyes as well as the parents' confidence. It needed to celebrate curiosity so we developed unique characters to help tell their stories. And most of all, given the nordic aesthetic it had to value simplicity. We're very excited to see the brand launch in Sweden!

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adidas / Sport Logo Design

Global Responsibility, Met with Grace & Impact

We worked with adidas to establish the brand and collateral for the Kobe Bryant Fan Club. Also, adidas works with some of the most genuine and giving athletes in the world. The 8 Foundation provides positive life experiences and opportunities for inner-city youth while fostering stable and loving environments for young people. Also, we were proud to be involved in a project that works to teach kids soccer skills in a focused setting at major events. Their dedication to the skill of sport and delivering that to kids early on is the kind of energy we love working with.

DESIGN STRATEGY / Provide design strategies that create dynamic, flexible and brand appropriate assets to support large campaigns in various media. Moto delivered strategic thinking for the active sports industry wrapped up in logo sized packages.

GLOBAL CLASS ASSETS / Deliver logo designs that hit all the marks: are unique expressions, are supportive of the current brand story and work well within the global brand family.

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Mattila / Artist Logo Design

Logo Design for Boutique Brands is a Challenge We Welcome

Respect is hard-earned in the wicked art world. Mr. Mattila is one of those famous, retired designers so at the very least we knew that developing a personal, powerful brand for him would be challenging. It was our job to listen, interpret and find the elements that would come to define the energy, emotion and environment, now fondly referred to as ‘Fredness.’ It’s elegant, simple, funny, ironic and yet it’s trembling in it’s cowboy boots. But for Fred, it’s perfection. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.

A MEASURE OF A GREAT BRAND IS IT'S DEPTH / When we create a brand, it's far more than a logo. For this artist, a brand that can be summarized by a simple mark just won't cut it. An artist especially is defined by so much more than one image, one feeling or one expression. We created several elements and a style of communicating that originates from the energy that defines his work. We reward viewers of our work with more energy as they explore further. That depth tells a much deeper story and starts a relationship between viewer and artist that benefits everyone.

"No one would mess with that guy. That's the logo of someone that knows what they're doing."
—Fred Mattila, Owner, Mattila

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Fly H2O / Fishing Logo Design

Outdoor Gear Manufacturers Need Brands Loaded with Strategy & Passion

WE MATCHED THE ENERGY TO THE GOAL / You've got a high-end, national market to reach. Is there a way to prove the quality of your product without saying a word? Moto was asked to produce a full identity and branding strategy for a World-record-holding fly manufacturer. As a result of working with Moto to tune the messaging for their market (premium fly fishing dealers), they now have an identity, marketing pieces and advertising to match their world-class, performance-driven product lines.

"We couldn't have asked for a cooler result. We came looking for the right agency to partner with and are so glad we chose Moto. Our job of reaching the premium markets just got a lot easier."
—Troy Bachmann, Fly H2O

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Motoventure Films / Movie Title Design

Premium Outdoor Experiences Rely on a Little Grit

DREAM OF TRAVEL DESTINATIONS. RIDE MOTORCYCLES. REPEAT. / Heck yeah, sometimes we do serve the 'moto' industry. But only when it's a great idea. This production company makes travel documentaries about adventure motorcycling up and down the West Coast. Their brand needed to capture the energy of travel, the joy of motorcycling, the enthusiasm of the cast members and a whole lotta grit. Because documentaries of the type they make shows life as it truly can be.

"Working with Moto has always been a great experience for us. They are responsive and go above and beyond the job description to make sure you have the best quality product possible. Big jobs or small, they will take care of us."
—Matt Sanders

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Brightworks / Sustainable Brand Design

A BRAND FOR LEADERS / Brightworks is a small group of cutting-edge sustainability consultants that are leading the way in LEED certification. Brightworks' LEED™ green building projects include some of the most prominent new buildings on the west coast, and they needed to show the same forward thinking shared by their market. They chose Moto to help them forge a new logo to represent that ambition. What a perfect fit. That's exactly what we offer: specialized experience without the overhead expense of a large agency.

VISION, PATIENCE & CREATIVE STRENGTH / The folks at Brightworks are creative by nature, in what they do. They're also very strategy focused. Their solution needed to show their forward thinking, their mastery of working with spaces, balancing needs with wants, and efficiency with desire. Our solutions delivered.

"When we first started working with Moto, I could tell that they cared about the results on their own terms as well as ours. They've kept that approach over the years and it shows. Thanks guys."
—Scott Lewis, Founder & CEO, Brightworks

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Moraporvida / Performing Arts Logo Design

Award Winning Brand Design for Celebrated Brands

BE POWERFUL. BE EXQUISITE. AND DON'T EVER PULL BACK. / How do you capture the modern spirit of performance art on the stage in a logo? Moto worked with a celebrated new contemporary dance company in Chicago to develop a brand that’s as beautiful, original and captivating as their work. The visual is inspired by life, growth and expressions in nature.

Rosey Award Winner / Portland Ad Federation

Yala / Naming & Brand Design

Outdoor Apparel Brand Design is About Sensations

SUNSHINE, GUTS, WISDOM + A DREAM / This is a story about a woman with an idea that spread like wildfire. Nancy Morgan and her family invented the DreamSack® and it quickly became an icon of the travel industry. Since then they've developed apparel in silk and bamboo and have established themselves nationally with a network of retailers. They knew that to survive in the fashion industry they needed to reach national markets with an energy that no one else delivers. They turned to Moto and our depth of experience in retail and website strategy to create exactly what they needed to get them there.

"This process has been so refreshing! Thank you for all of your dedication to make this all that we'd dreamed of, and more. We can't thank you enough."
—Nancy Morgan, Co-Founder, Yala

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Leftbank Project / Real Estate Logo Design

Brand Design that Appeals to the Creative Class

HOW DO YOU START A REVOLUTION IN PORTLAND? / You set up a brand new community, then set it free to the people. The people behind the Leftbank came to Moto looking for all the creativity and vision we could summon. Their goal: create a new kind of space for Portland's creative new thinkers. We worked as brand strategists, art directors, sign designers, interior designers, situational visionaries, storytellers, color strategists, copywriters and therapists for the wildly ambitious people at the top that were pulling the strings.

"I wanted to thank you again. What you guys did for the project was fantastic. I mean really. I never fully appreciated what you did for us at the time. You did some amazing work for us."
—Daniel Deutsch, Owner, Leftbank Project

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