Moüsseworks / Ice Cream Packaging

Package Design for An All New Dessert Category

With their new name, logo, and brand strategy brought to life by Moto, we broke ground on the pieces that would present it to the world. With so many choices in the dessert aisle and so much competition to even 'get' distribution and good product placement, we knew they had to hit the market with something unique yet familiar, fun yet clear, and approachable yet on target with their price point. From playful treatments for flavor profiles to a unique way to view their Moüssebars™, we put a stake in the ground for the 'unique' frozen dessert category.

"Dru and Leslee have been awesome to work with! They helped us to re-brand our company from top to bottom including our website, packaging design, logos, our name, the works! I would recommend Moto Interactive + Branding to anyone that is looking to redesign their business or starting a new business!"
—Craig Funk, Moüsseworks

Goose Point / Seafood Packaging

Experienced Package Designers Love a Challenge

MOTO HELPS CLIENTS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS / One of our favorite things to work on is brand evolution. But when we get to do it for hardworking family-run businesses, it's that much more satisfying. From strategy to concepts to photography and the final product, we're savoring the opportunity to show off what great teamwork can accomplish in the challenging food business. With packaging for shellfish in box, tub and cup, we're helping the Nisbet family share their recipes and harvests with the world.

"Moto continues to do amazing projects for us! Thank you!"
—Jenn Allison, Goose Point Oysters

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House Spirits / Spirits Packaging

The Best Package Design Leverages a Products Unique Character

AN ADVENTUROUS DESIGN FOR ADVENTUROUS COCKTAILS / House Spirits needed an eye-catching label for their new release, Aviation Gin. They came to Moto looking for the perfect balance of modern energy and classic ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ style. The solution captures the crisp clarity of the first high-flying pioneers, paired with the adventurous spirit that defined the pilots, as well as the unique flavors of the gin.

"We're loving this new design guys! Check out all this press we're getting. Thanks again."
—Christian Krogstad, House Spirits

Fly H2O / Fishing Catalog & Campaigns

Premium Outdoor Gear Begs for a Slick Catalog

CREATING DESIRE WITH PRINT / The right catalog and ad campaign can make all the difference in the fly fishing industry. It's not always an online game. True fishing purists seek out the advice of their dealers. And dealers keep their finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn't. We helped Fly H2O keep their name front of mind when it came to the art of fly fishing so the customer experience was one of respect and reverence for the quality of their products.

"Who wouldn't want to pick this up and want to order? I mean, look at it. This came out so much nicer than I imagined. Thanks guys!"
—Troy Bachmann, Fly H2O

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Motoventure Films / DVD Packaging

DVD Packaging Can Tell Stories in Ways that Movies Can't

MOVIE PACKAGING SELLS THE EXPERIENCE / It's easy to sell a great product. But what if your product isn't really the thing in the box, but the promise of inspiring quest to fulfill a life-long dream? Moto met the challenge of helping to sell these adventure documentaries by showing the passion, tension, excitement and ultimate satisfaction that comes from completing an epic trip. We'd say it was difficult, but they gave us such rich material to work with, it truly was a matter of tuning in to what adventure motorcyclists crave most.

"Wow, you've really done it. People are going to think it was alot more play to make than it was. I'd buy that! Really nice work."
—Brian VanBuskirk, Co-Founder, Motoventure Films

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Yala / Apparel Brand Packaging

With an all new name, logo and brand platform in place, Moto brought the energy of their new brand design to life in enticing and lively brand materials in the highly competitive apparel industry. From custom shapes, patterns, iconography and materials, Moto concepts delivered opportunities for the Yala brand to grow richer each season.

"Oh we love these! Can we just print them all?"
—Nancy Morgan, Co-Founder, Yala

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adidas / Event Materials Design

Visual Strategies for the Outdoor Sports Industry on a Global Scale

We worked with adidas to establish packages & collateral for the FIFA Women's World Cup. When the whole world is watching and you're the major sponsor, you've got to rely on partners you can trust, fully. Across a variety of applications, our solutions provided clear communication for detailed, time sensitive information, as well as inspired passion that's appropriate for an event of such global importance.

CREATIVE LEADERSHIP IN A TEAM ENVIRONMENT / Provide a variety of approaches and visual languages to help establish a vocabulary that extends across all aspects of the events.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL & RELIABILITY / Ensure no details are missed, that all elements are perfect given the mission critical timing for preparations.

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