Kona Brewing / Brewery Website Design

Brewery Website Design Needs to Be Authentic

AND MOTO KNOWS THAT BEER IS THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE BEVERAGE / Moto saw an opportunity to create a site with an incredibly warm, inviting feel, capturing both the freshness of local island brews, as well as the rich history, colorful culture and inescapable appeal of the Hawaiian islands. We developed a plan & a design to bring the long standing brand into a modern light that captures the spirit and passion that the people of Kona have for their home. With a brilliant combination of animation & smart technologies Kona has a website that delivers on their brand promise.

"We’re thrilled with the new site and how it shows off our wonderful brand. Thanks to the Moto crew for their dedication to making it great."
—Mattson Davis, President/Founder, Kona Brewing Company

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