Todd Welch / Installation Contractor Logo Design

The best brands in the world trust you to build their offices.

THE PRESSURE IS INCREDIBLE KNOWING YOU’VE GOT TO PROVIDE PERFECTLY BUILT SPACES, EVERY TIME. / We had the pleasure of working with a unique construction company based in Portland that serves some of the most image conscious brands in the world. Their work centers around the installation of complex and custom environments for the offices, meeting spaces and presentation rooms where not only do the details matter, they reflect upon the foundation of the brands themselves. They needed a brand that spoke directly to the serious nature of their work, but very much as well to the creativity and attention to detail that it takes to make it perfect. Founded by Todd, the natural choice was the fastidious fox, also known as a todd. Assembled with great care, we delivered a very proud and feisty solution that speaks volumes about the group behind the work.

“Moto had a great understanding of what we wanted to achieve. This logo is incredible.“
—Todd Welch, Owner

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