Wild For Oregon / Soap, Lotion & Candle Package Design

An All-New Skincare Line Full of Adventure & Wanderlust

With a name like Wild for Oregon, Moto knew this was the perfect time to dig deep into our experiences exploring the distant jewels of this place we call home. A soap maker from New Mexico had fallen in love with the high meadows, towering waterfalls, verdant valleys and imposing volcanoes that fill this place as if it were crafted specifically to overwhelm our senses. We answered with intimate, illustrated stories that highlight the inspiration for each scent of hand-made candle, soap, lip balm and lotion. The result is a collection of packages with color and texture that are uniquely Oregon. They’ve inspired us to explore further to find more of the hidden, magical places that brought us to fall in love with this place so long ago. Our hope is that these gems, loaded with a deep sense of appreciation for these places, will inspire admirers to take a bit of Oregon with them as they travel to wherever they call home.

"Dru and the Moto team took a brand concept and brought it to life through a killer logo! Communication and attention to detail are unrivaled. I look forward to working with them in the future. A++"
—Royce Briggs, Wild for Oregon

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