Mattila / Artist Logo Design

Logo Design for Boutique Brands is a Challenge We Welcome

Respect is hard-earned in the wicked art world. Mr. Mattila is one of those famous, retired designers so at the very least we knew that developing a personal, powerful brand for him would be challenging. It was our job to listen, interpret and find the elements that would come to define the energy, emotion and environment, now fondly referred to as ‘Fredness.’ It’s elegant, simple, funny, ironic and yet it’s trembling in it’s cowboy boots. But for Fred, it’s perfection. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.

A MEASURE OF A GREAT BRAND IS IT'S DEPTH / When we create a brand, it's far more than a logo. For this artist, a brand that can be summarized by a simple mark just won't cut it. An artist especially is defined by so much more than one image, one feeling or one expression. We created several elements and a style of communicating that originates from the energy that defines his work. We reward viewers of our work with more energy as they explore further. That depth tells a much deeper story and starts a relationship between viewer and artist that benefits everyone.

"No one would mess with that guy. That's the logo of someone that knows what they're doing."
—Fred Mattila, Owner, Mattila

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