What goes into making an outstanding package design for retail consumers? / 9-8-20

A beautiful package design won’t necessarily make more sales unless it clearly navigates the challenges it faces sitting on packed retail shelves.

So how do we do that? It’s easier in some markets than in others. In the highly competitive frozen dessert section, Moüsseworks, like the rest of their competition, needed simply to be one of the options to get noticed. With most of the options covered in color, the option that featured their frozen pie on a stick on white was the obvious choice. And it was perfect because this was an entirely new type of dessert, based on an ultra-rich mousse covered in chocolate. Retailers saw it as a great way to shake up their dessert section offerings. And the approachable-yet-premium energy that we baked into their brand gives consumers the clear story they were looking for: something new to indulge their cravings.

Your package design needs to tell a story that is both very familiar, and completely unique.

Lotion won’t look like lotion unless you design it with the familiar facts that consumers are looking for: what scent is this, and does this brand speak to my life? Is it made with a short list of the best ingredients, or is it some chemical concoction that I should avoid? With Wild for Oregon we leveraged the beauty and nature-purist appeal of its ingredients by associating each scent with an inspired Oregon destination. With a soothing, hand-made style the entire line of lotions, soaps, lip balms and candles make it clear from their first view. We’ve captured a feeling for the overall brand that speaks to shoppers that crave the spirit that is uniquely Oregon.

What’s for dinner tonight? If your package design sets the right scene, buyers are sure to consider it.

If you’re a busy shopper trying to decide what to feed your family, what do you look for? Something new, but healthy enough that you feel great about choosing it. Our work with Goose Point put that question under extra scrutiny, knowing that their frozen clams in garlic & butter sauce would need to succeed in the ultra-competitive CostCo market. We showed how this simple dish can transform dinner into a family favorite by leveraging the romance of the sea. It’s easy for shoppers to imagine having a fresh, healthy meal when it plays out in a familiar scene. And with a number of other offerings in their line up, the client had a reliable style to carry their sales far into the future.

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